Warts are caused by human papilloma virus, when the virus comes in contact with the skin. Warts are more likely to develop when you have a broken or scratched skin.

Are warts contagious?

Yes, warts are contagious and can spread from one person to another, especially when there is breach in the continuity of the skin. They can also spread when your skin touches certain surfaces like towels, other infected person’s clothes, bath mats etc.

What are the different types of warts?

The common types of warts include: Flat warts, filiform warts, plane warts, verrucae and genital warts.

What are the chances of me contacting warts from someone?

If you have come in contact with a person who already has warts, the chances of catching warts is higher if you have skin cuts or scratches on the area of contacts. If you know anyone who has warts, you can encourage them to get treatment.

Are warts harmful?

In a healthy person, warts are usually not harmful and do not lead to any medical issues. However, having warts may indicate that you have a low immunity and therefore you should always seek medical advice for warts.

Can warts go away on their own?

Some warts might go away without treatment. But most of the warts require medical or surgical treatments. is always a good idea to treat the warts as early as possible.

Can I treat warts at home?

We always encourage our patients to get the correct diagnosis before initiating any home remedy. Some home remedies might work, while some may not. Your dermatologist might prescribe you a salicylic acid containing solutions that can be used at home. You can use this solution as advised by your dermatologist. In addition, oral zinc supplementation is also known to Help in the treatment of warts.

Should I be worried if I have warts in genital area?

Should I be worried if I have warts in genital area? We encourage our patients to seek immediate medical advice, if you have warts in the genital area. Your sexual partner/partners should also screen themselves for the possibility of warts. In addition, you should get yourself screened for other sexually transmitted diseases.

What are the various methods of treating warts?

Warts can be treated by topical solutions, cryotherapy ,radio frequency cautery, lasers, Injection bleomycin, immunomodulators, oral zinc, etc. The method may depend on the type of wart, number of warts and location of warts.

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