Under eye Dark Circle

Under eye Dark Circle

Dark circles under the eye can be very unpleasant. They are physically unattractive and can make a person look very tired and even aged. There are many reasons for these under eye dark circles including genetics, stress, lack of sleep, pigmentation irregularities, vascularity and thinning of the skin.

What are Dark circles?

Increase depigmentation below and around the eyes as compared to the other areas of the face is considered as dark circles. This gives the skin under your eyes a darker look than usual. Although it’s not a medical condition as such, many people desire treatment to get rid of the tired, unhealthy and older look these dark circles gives.

What are the causes of dark circles?

There are many reasons for the appearance of dark circles, which include fatigue, Lack of sleep, Allergies, Aging, Dehydration, excessive Strain on the eyes, overexposure to blue light from mobile screen/laptops/desktops, sunlight exposure and hereditary.

Can long exposure to mobile screen cause dark circles?

The blue light coming from the mobile, laptop or desktop screen can cause increased pigmentation around the eyes. In addition, prolonged strain on the eyes by the continuously looking at the digital screens can cause increase in the vascularity around the eyes, which again can cause the darker appearance of the under eye skin.

Can I prevent dark circles?

You can take care of the skin around the eyes by incorporating certain lifestyle changes like eating healthy food, drinking enough water, getting enough sleep and limiting your screen time. In addition. Dark circles can be prevented by taking care of your skin by using appropriate Face wash, sunscreen and night creams.

Can I treat dark circles at home?

Many people try home remedies like cold therapy, vitamin E, etc for the treatment of dark circles. There is no scientific evidence to suggest that these home remedies actually work. In many cases these home remedies are known to worsen the condition.

Is there any medical management for dark circles?

The medical management of dark circles primarily works on preventing the further darkening of the skin and repairing the already existing hyperpigmentation. The medical management depends on the underlying cause for dark circles. Dark circles due to anatomical variations like sunken eyes are better treated with Injectables and surgical modalities. A good sunscreen in the morning and depigmenting cream in the night forms the pillars of medical management of dark circles.

What are options are available for the treatment of dark circles besides topical creams?

When you visit Dermosphere clinic, our dermatologist will look out for the cause and your concerns and will suggest the appropriate treatment for dark circles. The options include: Chemical peels, Lasers, tissue fillers or surgical correction

Is there any permanent cure for dark circles?

The therapies mentioned above are aimed at reducing the appearance of dark circles. Based on the causes and severity of the dark circles, the results achieved vary from patient to patient. Besides triggering factors and underlying causes, your lifestyle habits can influence the treatment outcomes. The results achieved are not permanent in many cases and maintenance therapy has to be continued to maintain the results.

How many sessions of chemical peels or lasers are required to cure dark circles?

Usually around 4 to six sessions are required to achieve optimal results.

What are the benefits of getting Dark circle treatment at the Dermosphere clinic?

We use the best technology and instruments We do not compromise on our standards and provide the highest grade of patient care Consultation and treatment are personally undertaken by our renowned dermatologists who are experts in dark circle treatment Our Dermatologists are well known for their methods of achieving incredibly natural results Maximum patient comfort during the treatment

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