Thread lift

Thread lift

In recent years, Dermatologists have found a way to lift the facial skin without having to go under a surgical facelift. Thread Lift is a nonsurgical modality that helps to restore facial contours. In addition, it helps to reduce the visible signs of aging on the face and neck. This is typically done by inserting special biocompatible and dissolvable sutures inside the skin to lift and repositioned the sagging skin.

What is a thread lift?

Thread Lift is a non-surgical modality to lift the skin of the face and neck. The treatment involves insertion of special biocompatible Polydiaxanone (PDO) threads in to different layers of the skin and subcutaneous fat. It is also sometimes called as PDO thread lift. This gives an instantaneous visible lifting of the loose skin and sagging facial contours. The results become more pronounced after a few weeks as new collagen formation is stimulated by these threads.

What are the various types of threads used in thread lift? 

There are 3 types of PDO threads: Mono threads are smooth threads Without any barbs or anchors; Screw threads are two mono threads intertwined around the needle; Cog threads are lined with hooks or barbs.

How does a thread lift work?

Thread lift works by causing tightening and lifting of the skin of the face and neck as well as stimulating the new collagen formation around the threads. When more collagen is stimulated, the skin gets a more rejuvenated and natural look.

Are all PDO threads the same?

No, the 3 types of PDO threads are different from each other.

Mono threads all placed under the skin in a mesh like fashion to form a scaffolding. Usually 10 to 20 threads are inserted in the skin to provide a visible lift. Mono threads are very good for skin tightening but may not be usually used for skin lifting.

Screw threads are good for areas that need volumizing effects. Screw threads work well for face lifting and plumping up areas like cheeks.

Cog threads have hooks which are used to anchor the underside of the skin. To form a scaffold. For causing lifting of the sagging tissue. These are used for lifting of the lower face, such as jawline and. To give a we shape facial contour.

What areas can be treated with thread lift?

Thread lifts are generally used on face and neck. On face it can be used on cheeks, nasolabial folds, eyebrow lift, Jaw line and marionette lines. In selected cases, it can also be used on body, arm, thighs and abdomen.

How long does a thread lift procedure take?

The duration of the entire Procedure can range from 30 minutes to 60 minutes. The preparation and counselling may take additional time.

Does a thread lift hurt?

Thread lift can cause minimal discomfort during the procedure. To minimize the discomfort and pain, the dermatologist might apply topically anaesthesia before performing the procedure.

What side effects can I expect?

Thread lift is a low risk procedure. Some patients might experience minimal bruising, bleeding, redness and swelling on the face. However, all these settles within 24 to 48 hours.

What precaution should I take after thread lift?

The recovery from thread lift is smooth. Make sure that you don’t rub your face vigorously and don’t roll over your face while sleeping. Make sure you apply moisturiser/sunscreen/any other cream advised by our dermatologist.

How long does it take to see the effects of a thread lift?

The results of thread lift are seen progressively over time. This depends on your body’s ability to produce new collagen. The lifting effect of the therapy is optimum at around 5 to 6 months post therapy.

How long can the effect of thread lift last?

After the treatment with thread lift, the effect last for about 8 to 12 months. The threads inserted in the skin will dissolve naturally. The lifting effect will become more visible overtime, as more than more collagen is stimulated and formed. Even after the threads have fully dissolved, the skin will stay in its lifted position because of new collagen formation.

How do I get started?

If you are interested in Thread Lift, reach out to us at Dermosphere clinic to schedule a consultation. Our expert dermatologist will discuss and design the best treatment plan for you!

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