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Ingrown toe nail

Ingrown toenail is the nail which grows into the surrounding skin or flesh on the side of the nail. They can be very painful and result in inflammation and over production of the surrounding tissue. If they are not treated on time, they can lead to severe infection, inflammation and pain

What causes ingrown toenail?

Ingrown toenail occurs when the edge or the sharp corner of the distal part of nail goes inside the surrounding tissue. This can occur as a result of trauma, improper nail cutting, manicure, ill fitted shoes or improper gait.

How can I avoid nail surgery for ingrown toenail?

In the early stages, an ingrown toenail can be managed medically. As soon as you experience pain or slight inflammation in the surrounding tissue around the nail, you should consult your dermatologist. Your dermatologist might advise you for oral and topical anti-inflammatory agents and antibiotics. In addition to that, any triggering factor should also be taken care of.

What all medical history should I tell my dermatologist before ingrown toenail surgery?

You should inform your dermatologist about all of your medical history. Any history of hypertension, diabetes or bleeding disorders should be informed. You should also inform about any medication that you might be taking especially the blood thinners.

What are the benefits of getting nail surgery for ingrown toenail?

In moderate to severe cases of ingrown toenail, a nail surgery can lead to immediate resolution of the problem and pain relief. It not only cures the ingrowing toenail, but it also eliminates and reduces the risk of infection.

How painful is the nail surgery for ingrown toenail?

Nail surgery is carried out under local anesthesia. After local anesthesia you will experience no pain/a mild discomfort during the procedure.

What are the steps of ingrown toenail surgery?

An ingrown toenail surgery usually involves four steps (for simple understanding). Injection of local anesthesia to the toe, Cutting and taking out the ingrown section of the nail from the root, Chemically cauterising the nail matrix, and dressing of the toenail.

When is the dressing changed?

The first dressing is changed after 48 to 72 hours and thereafter, the second dressing is changed after one week. After one week, your dermatologist will assess and advice whether further dressing is required or not. Full healing of the toe might take 6 to eight weeks.

When can I resume my sports activity after Nail surgery?

Any physical/sports activity can be resumed after consulting with the dermatologist (usually after 2-4 weeks).

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