Moles are growths on the skin that are usually brown or black in colour. Many people have moles since childhood. Some people develop moles in their adulthood. And it is normal to have 10 to 40 moles on the body. As we age, moles may change in morphology and colour

Why do I have Moles?

Moles occur when certain cells called melanocytes in the skin grow in clusters. Moles can be hereditary Or acquired.

How are moles diagnosed?

Most moles are diagnosed based on clinical examination. Some moles might require Dermoscopic examination. Difficult to diagnose cases might require histopathological diagnosis to confirm their benign or malignant nature.

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Should I be bothered about developing malignancy in my mole?

The chances of developing malignancy in a mole are more in caucasian population as compared to Indian population. Any change in the nature of the mole in terms of change in colour, size, beeding and any new symptom should be brought to the knowledge of the dermatologist.

What is the best way to monitor my moles?

It is always a good idea to take a photograph of the mole and keep it as a documentation. Nowadays dermatologists also take Dermoscopic photographs and use them as a mean to monitor the progression of the moles.

What are the methods of mole removal?

Most moles are removed with lasers, Radio frequency, and surgical excisions (including punch excisions).

What is the best method for my mole removal?

The method of choice will depend upon the type of mole, the location and size of the mole.

Is mole removal painful?

Mole removal is carried out under local anesthesia. It is a very simple and quick procedure. As the local anesthesia is given, the skin becomes numb and the mole is removed. Larger moles usually require stitches.

What are the benefits of getting mole removal at the Dermosphere clinic?

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